Being Equipped Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

I just tucked in my kids for the last time this week. For the next eight nights, my parents will tuck them in and give them hugs and kisses.

They’re in good hands.

But my hands are better.

I’m their mom, and naturally, I’m the one to be doing the tucking in. It takes a lot of my evening time, but I love the hugs and kisses and “love you” as I walk out of their room. My middle girl has told me every night for about three years, “You’re the best mom a girl could have”. For someone whose love language is words of affirmation, hearing this makes me feel like I can move mountains.

Tomorrow, Michael and I head back to England. I went in 2010 on a mission team to Nottingham. It was a defining experience in my life and changed so much about who I am and how I view the world and the church. Last year, Michael and I led the group, and had another incredible week serving with the people we now call our dear friends. This is the third year of our partnership. We are the group leaders again, and have been consumed lately with plans and packing and schedules and money…not to mention packing for the kids, and finishing projects at work and cleaning house and all the things that come with an weeklong absence. Our minds and bodies are ready to just sit on the plane for eight hours and not do anything.

But I’ll miss my babies. I love them more than I could ever express, and I love being their mama. I love serving with Michael, and I believe I’m called and equipped to go, but it’s never easy.

I know God has set aside this week for me to serve Him, and to share with others the freedom that I’ve found in knowing Him. I’m certain that I’m supposed to do this thing.

If I were going away for any other reason, I don’t think I could be gone a week. But I can do it for Him. There is a job for me to do, and He has given me what I need to do it. There are so many other things that moms have to do in the summer, and I’m aware that leaving my kids can be stressful on everyone, but I also believe that we are to go and tell, and God has richly blessed my family because I’ve followed Him in obedience. My kids know the importance of speaking the gospel and encouraging other people in their walk. They know this is why we go, and they have accepted it as something our family does. I pray in a few short years we will all be going and telling!

We are excited, but the last tuck-in for a week is hard. I know God has prepared a work for us to do, and I know Michael and I are called to do this together. So if you see my babies this week, hug them for me. Thanks for praying for us, we need them!