Quirks and All

In twelve years, (yes, twelve! I remembered this time!) you learn a lot about someone. I know there is much more to figure out, and I look forward to the next fifty or so years. But for now, it’s fun to notice the quirks that are part of what make Michael distinctly who he is. Such as…

-he drinks lactose-free milk, and has figured out the perfect formula for his own chocolate milk. I won’t even attempt to remember what all goes into the mixture, I just know it’s Nestle’, Ovaltine and Carnation all mixed up in there.

-he puts his keys, phone and wallet in a different place every night when he comes home. Sometimes they’re on the piano. Sometimes on the counter. Sometimes on our dresser, but never in the same place two days in a row. I think it’s cute.

-he loves to buy books and has to “break them in” as soon as he takes them out of the box. His twelfth grade english teacher taught them how to do this, and I’ve never seen him open a book to read without breaking it in first.

-he watches movie trailers to relax, and will go back and watch trailers to movies that have been out for years if he loved the movie.

I’m sure there are ten times more things he can say about me, so I’m going to let him say a few:

-she never puts things in the same place twice. I say, “hey Anne, where are the nail clippers?” and she says, “try the dresser, or maybe the bathroom cabinet, or maybe the kitchen table, or maybe by the tv, or maybe the van…”

-it took the first two years of our marriage to realize that sometimes she calls and is frustrated and just needs to vent…and all I need to say is “mmm hmmm…that’s frustrating…I understand.”

-she’s a salsa-eating machine. She eats chips and salsa for at least one meal every day…EVERY DAY.

-She brushes her teeth first thing every morning, even before drinking orange juice. (note from Anne: I don’t drink orange juice. This quirk is invalid.)

We’re just keepin’ it real, folks. I guess what you can learn from this is that it’s a pure miracle from God that we make it out the door with our stuff, considering we never put things in the right place. There’s a reason we’ve never had a very big house…that’d be a nightmare.


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