Last Night

I sat down last night, feeling guilty about not blogging much this week and tried to get some words on the screen.

I had two problems. First, my eyes kept closing. Second, I had nothing to say.

That’s the hard part about blogging. In order for people to keep reading, you have to keep writing. And there are just days when there is nothing to say.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow, I am going to use my lack of words to my advantage and show you what eleven years of matrimony has produced.

How about this dude?

Then this little dumplin’ came along…

And a few years later, she showed up and knocked our socks off…

And then they turned into these people…

And I couldn’t be prouder of them. I love being a mom, but I especially love being THEIR mom.

And I’m married to a guy who shows me every day that I am loved and appreciated. Home is our favorite place to be, because we are each other’s favorite person.

I’ll have more to say about marriage next week, but tonight I am just enjoying it. I wouldn’t trade these people for anything in the world.


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