Two Hours a Week

We all know the importance of setting aside time to just be with one another. No kids, no work, no scheduled events. Some people manage a date night once a week. Some manage to get away for a weekend every few months.

We love those things, and we will jump at the chance to go on a date or get away, but in the last two years we’ve found a way to have “our” time without spending a lot of money or getting a babysitter.

We watch “Castle” on Monday nights, and “Person of Interest” on Thursdays.

Those two hours a week are a lifesaver for me a lot of times. We are not big television watchers, and these are the only shows we follow. The key is that we always watch them together. We make a large effort to get the kids in the bed half an hour before the show comes on and we get comfortable in the living room and talk for a while, then enjoy the escapism that only cops and bad guys can bring.

There have been weeks that those two hours were the only time we had to be by ourselves. We are so committed to our family, church, work, and friends that we find all of our other hours filled with the requirements of those commitments.

So we protect our two hours a week. I know it sounds dramatic, but we fight for it. I write it on the calendar and make sure we’re home. Last Thursday night, we took the kids to a community event and they were having a blast…but we made them leave by a certain time because it was important for us to get home so we could have our hour together.

We take that time for ourselves, but I don’t consider it being selfish. We give so much of our time away, it’s fun to give those hours to each other.

And wondering what is going to happen to Castle and Beckett, or how Finch and Reese are connected and what part does The Machine play in it…that’s all just icing on the cake.

Make time for one another, any way you can.



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