Encourage One Another

Every now and again I’m reminded very clearly of why God gave me Michael.

I promise not to brag on him in every blog post. But if I don’t write about this today, I’ll forget about it because my brain is so full of the things I have to remember to functional normally.

Today as I was driving to pick up the kids from school, I saw someone that needed help. You don’t need the details, and this story is not about what I did. Just know that I couldn’t get past the need that I saw in this person’s eyes. It made my heart and my stomach hurt.

I texted Michael to tell him that I really wanted to help this person but I was afraid. He wrote back and asked me why. I said I didn’t know if I was being safe and smart. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was afraid of going alone without him.

Basically, I was having a spiritual tug of war, knowing what God was telling me to do, and feeling the fear of doing it.

Michael’s next text to me said, “‘do not be afraid, for I am with you.’ -Jesus”

I read that, I prayed, I acted on what I felt I was supposed to do and God opened the door for me to show grace to someone who needed it. Three people, actually.

I’m very capable of doing what God tells me to on my own. However, because I’m quite human, my fear of the unknown can sometimes debilitate my efforts, even though my heart longs to obey.

I needed encouragement, and Michael said just the right thing. Rather than discuss it with me, or give me pros and cons, or tell me what he thought about the situation, he told me what Jesus said.

Because in the end, what Jesus says trumps all of our words. He is the final word. And if He says He’ll be with us, then He will be. And because I’m His child, he’s more than just WITH me, He lives IN me.

So I can obey because He is in me and is actually doing the work through me.

In any relationship, the best encouragement is when someone can speak scripture to you and you know without a doubt that God’s word is true and active and alive because it was EXACTLY what you needed at that moment.

In marriage, encouragement is crucial. Building each other up and cheering each other on is a huge way of showing love to one another. I depend on Michael’s kindness and him cheering me on. But saying, “I know you can do it” is one thing. Letting me know that Jesus is with me and I have no reason to fear, that’s loving me as Christ loves the church.

Know God’s word. Read it together. Encourage one another with it.



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