The Little Things

My husband is great.

He does small things for me that are really huge things, and they matter a lot.

He is supportive when I do what I love, and is a great cheerleader. He goes to family events without complaint, and has fun. He plays with the kids while I cook dinner and then washes the girls’ hair when they take a bath. When I say, “Look at this cute necklace on Etsy”, he looks, and usually acts interested.

He recently did something that made me smile. My all time favorite movie is Singing In the Rain. I have seen it so many times, I can quote it word for word. We watched it last weekend with the kids and I fell asleep. The next morning on the way to church, Michael told me that he spent some time watching YouTube clips of Gene Kelly and reading about his background and how he got started in movies. He wanted to show me the videos he watched, because he knew I’d love them.

I did love them. And I love my husband so much more because he loves me enough to take interest in what I am interested in.

I just recently finished the book, The Blind Side. It’s a good story, and I’m fascinated about what happened in Michael Oher’s life, but I also learned so much football history while reading it. I would tell Michael what I learned about Bill Walsh and the way he structured his offense and used the left tackle to protect Joe Montana when he played for the Forty-Niners. Never in my life have I cared a whit about football, but it was fun to talk about something he enjoys and to learn about what actually is happening on the field, rather than just watching where the ball goes.

Making the effort to know your spouse and then building on what you know about them is fun. You have to try a little, and step outside of your usual interests, but when is learning and growing ever a bad thing?

So I’m thinking…now that the Dodgers are having a good season, it’s going to be a good year for baseball.

Maybe we’ll also take tap dancing lessons.


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